a gateway for metaphysical practitioners
Eternitys Fire
If you find yourself at this gateway, then 
perhaps you are ready for the next octave of 
metaphysics and transformation.  
This would be our hope.

In the last 10 years a great deal has changed 
across the earth plane.  We gathered here to 
assist in classrooms, offering metaphysical 
training as well as leading by example.  Our 
goal was to provide the opportunity for as many souls to cross over in evolution as possible before the end of time as humans know it, and the shifting of an age.   This portal is but one of those to be channeled through for those who wish to receive earth change updates, understanding, and the opportunity to continue along a path based in truth and beyond the old patterns of humanity.
The Separation of Worlds 
& Path of the Teachers
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How to Use This Website
This website has been set up for our students and practitioners all over the world to use as a communications portal to access earth change updates, as well as for use as a free home study program.  Our goal is to make you self-sufficient no matter where you are standing on the planet.  Here is how it works…

The at-Home Study section is broken down into each subject of metaphysics that is needed to heighten your personal intuition and communication gateways.  Simply read the section, and then you can go to www.amazon.com or the bookstore of your choice to purchase the book we recommend as a home-study guide for that particular subject.  You are also encouraged to read all sections of the website as part of study, because every section provides key pieces to practitioner advancement.  In-depth exercises are posted in the mastery work section for our students to practice as homework.  And finally, use the links and connection options in the Watchtower Section to view the earth changes as they progress.  We also provide a language translation page so that you can cut and paste text provided in English, and view the translation in the language of your choice.

Meet Aleiya Hunter at the Dendera Gateway
I created this website to assure that students and practitioners would have access to learn the elements that make up our world and have the option to explore at their own pace.  As an Intuitive and Channel (that many of you know by the pen name Alexandria), I host the Dendera Gateway which provides access to receive observations, insights, and support directly from myself and my Guide-team as global events are unfolding.  Information about the metaphysical cause-and-effect factors are provided as well as astrology and energy forecasts. Most importantly, we provide real world training through example in how to work with your own unique abilities and partnerships at all levels to bring your life into clarity of focus and purpose.
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Eternitys Fire HomeWatchtowerPractitioners GuideAt-Home StudyMastery WorkGalactic Work
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